Latest ‘Consume Responsibly’ ads feature a young child looking at a glass of wine and cookies, and it reads: ‘Some juices and cookies are not for kids: Keep “adult snacks” locked up and out of reach’

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DENVER — The Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) is launching billboards this week in Denver and Seattle that encourage parents to keep marijuana out of reach of children. The ads are part of a broader public education campaign urging adults to “consume responsibly” in states where marijuana is legal. 

The billboards feature a child looking at what could be a glass of grape juice or a stemless glass of wine and a few cookies that might or might not be infused with marijuana. It reads, “Some juices and cookies are not meant for kids,” and urges them to, “Keep ‘adult snacks’ locked up and out of reach.”

MPP spokesperson Mason Tvert held a media availability Monday in front of the billboard in Denver (153 Kalamath St.). He was accompanied by Jane West, a marijuana consumer and mother of two small children, who serves as director of Women Grow, a national organization dedicated to helping women influence and succeed in the cannabis industry.

“We need to treat marijuana like any other product that is legal for adults and not meant for children,” West said. “A marijuana-infused cookie might look like a regular cookie to my four-year-old, just as a glass of wine might look just like grape juice. Whether it’s marijuana, alcohol, or household cleaning products, it’s our job as parents to keep them locked up and out of reach.”

The “Consume Responsibly” campaign made national headlines when it launched in September with a billboard that alluded to columnist Maureen Dowd’s infamous marijuana edibles experience and urged adults to exercise caution when consuming them. 

“Now that states are taking a smarter approach to marijuana policy, it’s time for a smarter approach to marijuana education,” Tvert said. “Issues such as over-consumption and accidental ingestion are not unique to marijuana, and a lot can be learned from how we handle other legal products. These problems can be addressed by raising awareness and informing adults about steps that should be taken to prevent them.” 

The new billboard in Seattle — which is scheduled for installation on Tuesday, November 25, at approximately 5400 E. Marginal Way, on the west side just south of Brandon St. — is the campaign’s first foray into Washington. MPP hopes to export the effort to Alaska, Oregon, and other states as they adopt similar laws. Find out more about the campaign at

MPP, which was the largest backer of the ballot measures that made marijuana legal for adults in Colorado in 2012 and in Alaska last November, developed the campaign with the support of Medbox, Inc., a prominent member of the marijuana business community. 

“Sensible marijuana laws should go hand in hand with sensible marijuana education,” said Vince Mehdizadeh, founder of Medbox, Inc. “If marijuana is going to be legal for adults, we need to ensure they are aware of and committed to accepting the responsibilities that accompany it. We’re committed to helping the ‘Consume Responsibly’ campaign do just that.”

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